MBRable® Cassette

Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration membrane cassettes for MBR applications

Hollow fibre ultrafiltration membrane cassettes for MBR applications designed to prevent fouling and clogging and make its operation easy and simple in industrial waste water treatment plants


Our membranes area made of PVDF with a pore size of 0,02 µm and a pore distribution in the capillary that allows for an excellent chemical and mechanical resistance. The Smart design of the air diffusers along with the horizontal lay out and a particular distribution of the membrane bundles avoids dead areas in the membrane tank and an effective scouring of all the capillaries keeping the membranes clean and the flow stable.


Other outstanding elements included to guarantee the efficiency of the membranes area: a vibration system, a degassing device a double collector of permeate. All these features guarantees a high quality effluent disinfected and ready for water reuse.

Technical data Cassete MBRable
Models MBRable 500 MBRable 1000 MBRable 1500
Dimensions (mm) 2605x1835x1370 2605x1835x2280 2605x1835x3190
Production (m3/d)* Until 200 Until 400 Until 600
Membrane surface (m2) Until 504 Until 1008 Until 1512
Materials Hollow fiber membranes in PVDF Colector PVC/Chassis AISI 304
Pore diameter (µm) 0.02

* Variable depending on the characteristics of the water to be treated and the operating conditions of the reactor

MBRable® Cassette

Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration membrane cassettes for MBR applications

How does it work?

The  MBRable cassette is designed to make the solid/liquid separation following a out-in filtration flow in a submerged configuration. A pump provides the suction needed at low pressure so that water passes through the pores of the membrane. Our pore size, just 0,02 microns allows for complete retention of suspended solids and colloids and are recirculated to the biological reactor. This results in an effluent  free of solids and disinfected. All types of bacteria and colloids are kept in the system efficiently hence high cellular retention may be achieved  allowing for biomass adaptation and the growth of specialised biomass capable of degrading different substances that can’t be eliminated in Conventional Activated Sludge (CAS)  systems nor Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR)


  • High and stable flux
  • Fouling / clogging prevention
  • Low operation pressure (suction Out-In), between -100 y -500 mbar
  • Backwash with permeate water at high pressure (up to 1900 mbar)
  • Fast backwash with strong chemical solutions.
  • Air scouring system with two types of bubbles
  • Degassing system and control valves included
  • Special fibre braiding
  • Reliability in industrial environments & easy operation

Applications:Membrane Bioreactors in industrial/commercial wastewater treatment plants:

  • Expansion/upgrading of CAS and SBR.
  • Waste Waters with high concentration of nutrients (Nitrogen and phosphorous)
  • Water reuse
  • High organic load
  • Seasonal variability
  • Elimination of slowly degradable compounds such as pesticides, medicines, cosmetics…)