Membrane bioreactors (MBR)

At the forefront of technology, Europe Membrane has developed innovative Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) to treat wastewater with unparalleled efficiency. These compact, advanced units use membrane filtration technologies to produce water of exceptional quality, fully suitable for reuse.


What is MBR Technology


The MBR is a biological activated sludge treatment, which incorporates a membrane to separate the clarified water and sludge, obtaining a very high quality treated water.

An activated sludge reactor needs biodegradable matter, micronutrients and an external source of oxygen, as well as stable temperature conditions, all of which induce the development of micro-organisms capable of assimilating the organic matter and transforming it into insoluble micro-organisms that can be eliminated.


Comparison between MBR and «Active Sludge»


In a conventional «activated sludge» treatment, the separation of the insoluble micro-organisms into sludge is done by settling, so the treatment conditions must be controlled to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms that float, form colloidal dispersions, inhibit the formation of flocs, etc. This type of control over the activated sludge process is complex, however it is well researched and solved. Engineering companies have design parameters to be able to maintain these conditions.